Welcome to "Internet Real Estate"; you are part of a growing sector of consumers who have embraced this technology to assist them in making their real estate decisions.


I am a college graduate majoring in psychology, with specific focus and certification in Applied Behavior al and Cognitive sciences. I spent many years as a Certified Behavior Analyst and crisis counselor for children and their families. I also spent 10+ years working as a paralegal. I am also a blessed wife and mother of two of the finest gifts I could've ever dreamed of. I was born and raised in Leesburg! I keenly identify with the beautiful sights, sounds and feelings associated with what people expect to experience in our beautiful state. Whether it be beach living, lake living, or a "golfer 's life" I am a trustworthy guide to help you find your perfect home.


My style is friendly, prompt, honest, and know the importance of identifying the type, style and amount of contact you find to be most comfortable. My customer service philosophy is to provide exceptional service through an attentive ear.


I've worked as a real-estate agent since 2004 and was a million dollar producer my first year. Real-estate is my career. I truly enjoy the process of helping people move in the direction of their dreams. To provide the best service possible, I've gained important additional educational training and certifications to provide an "extra" level of service and under standing for each of my customers.

My additional education includes my licensure in real estate appraisal as well as certifications in Property Management, and in the ancient Chinese art of "Feng Shui" (which is at the very core of expert home-staging services, a service you will receive for free when you chose me as your real-estate professional).

Finally, you can be sure that choosing me to help with your real estate needs, you will receive the most current and effective methods available to find meet ALL of your real estate needs.

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